Cable Hound DSP


The Cable Hound DSP is an electronic device designed to accurately locate and determine depth of buried cable or metallic pipe.

  • Improved depth and distance capabilities.
  • New receiver with Digital Signal Processing.
  • Auto-Off switch saves battery life.
  • Quality padded headphones included.
  • Improved, more convenient case.

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Cable Hound DSP

Each Cable Hound DSP Kit consists of a Transmitter, Digital Receiver, Headphones, Tone Probe, Ground Rod and Carrying Case. The dimensions of the unit are 15.5″ x 13.5″ x 4″ and weighs 4.5 Ibs. (less batteries).

The Transmitter, powered by eight “C” size batteries, is an integrated part of the carrying case. It has two clip leads approximately 15 feet long, one to connect to the object being located, the other to the ground rod.

In addition to a battery condition indicator, the Transmitter features a control switch which selects whether a steady or warble tone is to be transmitted. When the suspended probe is in a quiet position (minimum audible tone) the cable or pipe is directly beneath the probe.

The DSP Receiver is a sensitive solid-state Digital amplifier in a durable plastic housing. It is equipped with a 60 HZ filter to prevent AC induction. It also includes a volume control knob, a headset jack for noisy environments and a battery condition indicator. This unit also has a belt clip to facilitate hands-free operation. The Receiver is powered by a nine volt battery and will reproduce a steady or warble tone.

The Tone Probe is encased in molded rubber and acts as a directional antenna which picks up the transmitted tone. In addition the unit has a bubble level for accurate depth determination. The Tone Probe is connected to the Receiver by a flexible, shielded, two-wire cable.

The Receiver turns on when the probe is connected.

The Cable Hound Receiver with DSP noise suppression uses state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing to filter out virtually all unwanted noise. This allows the user to detect only the 2.7 KHz signal produced by the Cable Hound transmitter. DSP Technology offers a dramatic improvement in underground cable locating, especially in high electrical noise environments.

The adjustable Stereo Headphones are padded for comfort and are equipped with a 6 1/2 ft cord and a 3.5 mm plug. The receiver speaker turns off when the headphones are in use.


  • CATV Drops

  • Invisible Pet Fences

  • Low Voltage Landscape Wiring   

  • Telephone Drops

  • Locate Irrigation Wire and Valves

  • Locate Buried Cable

  • Locate Gas and Water Pipes

  • Locate Tracer Wires and Tapes

     The Cable Hound has been the standard in the locating industry for decades. DSP stands for Digital Signal Processor. What does this mean? The DSP that is now built into the Cable Hound DSP receiver rejects all signals except the Cable Hound transmitter tone. That means no more annoying A/C hum, no more static, only a crisp clear signal. We have also added a set of high quality headphones that fit inside the newly updated carrying case.

Speaking of the carrying case, we have made it even tougher. The newly relocated battery compartment is made of machined aluminum, and mounted with screws, not plastic clips. The case is durable and made to last. There are still units working in the field that were manufactured over 50 years ago, some are still in the original wooden cases. If any Cable Hound of any age needs repair, we can still support them.

Have you noticed how when some other companies say new and improved, it means “Made in China”? This is NOT the case with the Cable Hound DSP, we proudly manufacture this product and all our products in the USA.

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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 15.5 × 13.5 × 4 in

99-0120 Transmitter 99-0123 DSP Receiver 99-0119 Tone Probe 53-0001 Ground Rod 99-0160 Plastic Carrying Case 99-0161 MT-290 Headphones