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99-0118 - Cable Hound DSP

Complete Cable and Pipe locating kit.  Now includes new rugged case, and Digital Signal Processor that filters out interference.



99-0100 - MT91A Amplifier Kit

Amplifies 577 Hz tone tracing signals.  Includes 60Hz filter
Operates with aerial exploring coil & hand coil
High impact plastic case protects equipment
Kit includes Amplifier, Headset, Probe, & Strap


99-0110 - 8455-L1 Volt Ohm Meter

Measures DC voltage & resistance
Determines shorts, opens balance
High impact ABS housing
Includes 9V battery pack conversion kit
Includes cord set and Cordura nylon carrying case
Weatherized version available

From $129.00

99-0550 - TPM-32 Digit Grabber

The TPM-32 Digit Grabber dialed digit meter monitors and analyzes DTMF and dial pulse signaling through any telephone or wireless communications system

From $299.00





7600-2010 - Remote Call Diverter

The 7600-2010R Remote Call Diverter can transfer a call to any remote number.  The unit can be activated and programmed remotely from any touch tone phone.

From $439.00


99-0591 - VNA70A Voice Network Analyzer

The VNA70A is a smart DVOM, loop tester and baby TMS with 8 vital test functions, perfect for troubleshooting subscriber loop & premise equipment

From $629.00


99-0900 - 811 Test Set

The MT-811 Test Set is a weatherized test set designed for rugged outside use.  Comes with a high-visibility orange housing, oversized belt clip, and weatherized cord set with offset piercing clips.

From $99.00

99-0604AB - RTS-1C Control Unit

Model RTS-1 is designed to allow security protected remote access to premise equipment and switches. A variety of applications are possible due to the easy installation and simple operation.

From $799.00



Cable Hound DSP
MT91A Amplifier
8455 Kick Meter
TPM-32 Digit Grabber
Remote Call Diverter
811 Test Set